The Dynamica building is an integral part of the Waltrovka project and follows on from where the completion of Aviatica left off. Dynamica is an energy-efficient building whose features were designed with greenery and the surrounding environment in mind and, as a result, the upper floors offer unique and stunning views.


The Waltrovka project is located on the site of the now-defunct Walter Motors factory, founded by Josef Walter in 1911. During 1913, car production began in the factory, yielding, over time, several very successful generations of cars and car engines under the Walter brand. The company experienced a boom between the two World Wars, when several models of aircraft engines joined their production roster. The company was nationalized after World War II and renamed Motorlet n.p.. Until the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Motorlet produced a series of licensed, Soviet-designed engines as well as developing their own. The production plant employed some 1500 people at that time. In 1995, the company returned to its original name, Walter a.s., although this didn’t represent a return to its former glory and growth. Unfortunately, the plant’s production wasn’t able to compete on the free market, and in 2005, the site was bought by the real estate developer RedGroup with plans to construct an office complex as well as housing in the area. In 2008, part of the production section of Walter Engines was acquired by General Electric. The site saw the demolition of several buildings and the renovation of the historical M3 building for office leasing. Further work paused until the whole site of the former motor company was acquired by Penta Investments in 2012, with plans to revitalize this sizable chunk of real estate and create a new city district in this quickly growing and evolving part of Prague.

The Dynamica building has 16,000 m2 of office and shopping space to lease. Its shape and overall architectural style reflects that of the Aviatica building, the two buildings together giving the Waltrovka project a distinct look as it follows Radlická road. Aviatica’s airy and organic design was a success and Dynamica builds upon that to provide its lessees with spaces that are both highly efficient and up-to-date in terms of style, technology, and environmental friendliness.


Available spaces

Floor Offices Shops Common spaces
9 OG 529 sqm 60 sqm
8 OG 529 sqm 60 sqm
7 OG 529 sqm 60 sqm
6 OG 529 sqm 60 sqm
5 OG 2 625 sqm 138 sqm
4 OG 2 625 sqm 138 sqm
3 OG 2 625 sqm 138 sqm
2 OG 2 625 sqm 138 sqm
1 OG 2 319 sqm 253 sqm
Total 12 616 sqm 2 319 sqm 1 045 sqm
Total area to lease 15 980 sqm
Parking places - 1. PP, 2. PP 330
Storage areas - 1. PP, 2. PP 789 sqm




Building Dynamica

Kačírkova 982/4
158 00  Praha 5–Jinonice

Billing address

PRG Dynamica s.r.o.

Ve svahu 482/5, Podolí
147 00 Praha 4
IČ: 07728140
C 306482 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze


Site management


Security /maintenance

734 234 112

Information for tenants

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