A historical building which has undergone a complete renovation of all its important architectural elements yet still hinting at the original industrial style – that’s the Walter.

The layout of the buildings have been designed for maximum efficiency so that the office spaces fit each and every lessee’s needs, be it open space or separate offices.
All office spaces can be configured as specified by the client to fit their company culture and working needs. The typical floor plan is very efficient and allows for division into smaller units as well as layouts according to the latest trends in office culture and requirements for leisure & relaxation space.

There are, of course, sufficient parking spaces and infrastructure for bicycle commuters as well as archiving and storage spaces to efficiently complement the offices.

The Mechanica complex demonstrates the latest developments in office design with its Class A buildings featuring the best construction materials available, highest-quality interiors, and the most efficient technologies that significantly contribute to an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient operation. Mechanica has been pre-certified as a green, LEED Gold-rated project.


Available spaces

Floor Offices Shops Common spaces
6 OG 581 sqm 21 sqm
5 OG 814 sqm 21 sqm
4 OG 812 sqm 21 sqm
3 OG 815 sqm 21 sqm
2 OG 804 sqm 21 sqm
1 OG 668 sqm 142 sqm
1 UG 312 sqm 117 sqm
Total 4 138 sqm 668 sqm 364 sqm
Total area to lease 5 170 sqm
Parking places - 1.PP, 2.PP 116
Storage areas



Building Walter

Walterovo náměstí 329/2
158 00  Praha 5–Jinonice

Billing address

PRG Mechanica s.r.o.

Ve svahu 482/5, Podolí
147 00 Praha 4
IČ: 07549016
C 302906 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze


Site management

Security /maintenance

734 234 112

Information for tenants

1. May

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13. September

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